New Ad Mediums Get Better Results For Less.

Our exclusive new Massive Mobile Marketing Broadcasting Networks, Indoor Digital Signs Advertising Networks, Affordable Advertising Airships, Aerial Extravaganzas Fleets ad mediums and exclusive ad space gets you better results at lower costs than traditional ad mediums at higher costs.

FACT: Millions of consumers with smartphones pass by stores, malls, stadiums, supermarkets, schools, universities, airports, convention centers, hospitals. People continually check their phones. There is no better place than a consumer's smartphone to deliver Promotional Messages and Clickable Links.

THE NEXT BIG THINGS IN MARKETING? Our Mobile Marketing Broadcasters in our exclusive, new Massive Mobile Marketing Broadcasting Networks automatically broadcast your Promotional Messages and Clickable Links to thousands of consumer's smartphones at the speed of light to get you more business for less cost.

We overcame the only objections retailers had to indoor digital advertising. What to do. How to do it. Who's going to do it. We will handle the details, create win, wins for retailers, advertisers and consumers with our exclusive 'results-proven' Indoor Digital Signs Advertising Networks.

By positioning our Digital Signs in high-traffic consumer locations, like at check-out in supermarkets, convenience, big-box retail stores, we get our clients maximum exposure for their marketing message with our Consumer-Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR that entertains, educates, engages like no other ad medium.

Our specially-designed Indoor Digital Signs not only enable our clients to display rotating ads to consumers, but can also print on-demand, special color consumer take-aways to provide additional exposure for our top-tier advertisers and convenience for consumers unlike any other multi-dimentional ad mediums.

Our target market of top national retailers, where we will strategically position our Indoor Digital Signs Advertising Networks, will enable our principals to easily cut through traditional media's clutter, take advantage of the highest-traffic consumer locations, get better results for less cost.

This picture is of a traditional large airship. Every aerial campaign ever launched has been successful in terms of the cost-benefit dynamic. Our 'Why Aerial Advertising? Can Advertising With An Airship (Blimp) Be As Effective As Tradtional Forms Of Advertising?' White Paper-Case Study provides new proof for aerial advertising.

We've overcome the only objection to aerial advertising: cost. By building a smaller Afforable Advertising Airship that gets the same visual effects as their larger cousins, we're able to build a nationwide fleet of airships, along with streaming video, that cuts through traditional media's clutter to get better results for less.

Each and every one of our Affordable Advertising Airships can be designed with special graphics, streaming video from the airship to the ground and ground to the airship, custom calls to action on specially-designed banners to drive consumer traffic, special lighting for night-time flights and be flown virtually anywhere in the world.

Along with our Affordable Advertising Airships, our suppliers are capable of building and we are capbale of flying virtually any object, like this Gretzky bottle of wine, creating some of the world's most exciting and unique Aerial Extravaganzas Fleets marketing campaigns to grab eyeballs ever designed.

Each aerial object we have designed and fly for our clients is so lifelike that it looks exactly like the actual product in every detail, like this huge can of Coors beer. No other company on the planet will have fleets of Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganzas flying the globe, getting better results for top-tier clients.