How Our Mobile Marketing Demo Works.


1. Fill in our Demo Questionnaire. It's 4 easy questions, takes 5 minutes. Then submit 3 sets of 40-character Promotional Messages along with Clickable Links that you believe will get the highest response rates from your target market and would like us to test with consumers. NOTE: If you need help creating your Promotional Messages with Clickable Links, call Client Support (800) 868-7135 Ext. 800 and ask for marketing.


2. Once we help test your Promotional Messages and Clickable Links for consumer responses, we enter them in our Central Dashboard where we manage your messages and links. We assign them to Mobile Marketing Broadcasters in our exclusive Massive Mobile Marketing Broadcasting Networks in high-traffic consumer venues. From our Dashboard we can change, manage and broadcast your messages and links to hundreds of thousands of consumer's Smartphones.


3. Once your Promotional Messages and Clickable Links are entered in our Central Dashboard, we provide reports to determine how effective your messages and links are. Our strategic mission is to provide you with maximum exposure to your target market, maximize consumer response rates so we get you more new business and drive more newly engaged consumers to your web sites, call centers, stores and sales funnels for less, while we handle all the details for you.

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