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You’re part of a special group we selected for a "sneak peek" of our new, exclusive “results-proven, advertising-effective” Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Ad Networks that will grab every eyeball, cut through traditional media’s clutter, effectively deliver your marketing message and get you the increased results you want and need in today's competitive markets.

We'd like your help understanding your business and current marketing as well as input to those ideas you would most like to see us implement as part of our Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Ad Networks to grab attention, stimulate interest and desire, engage consumer by driving them to your web sites, stores, call centers and sales funnels.

Below are the easy questions we'd like you to answer.

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Fill in your contact info and responses to the questions. Any information you provide us will be kept confidential. Client Support (800) 868-7135 Ext. 800 Demo Questions and Background Info Reminders are listed below this form.

Here are the Demo questions and Background Information for each question.


Question #1.

Question #1. Do you currently have static graphic ads to display on our Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Ad Networks that will grab everyone’s attention, create interest and a desire on the part of the viewer to engage with the ad?

Question #1. Background Information.

We’re able to display any static graphic ads, logo, product offering ad which will rotate sequentially with other static graphic ads on our remotely-managed digital signs, strategically located in high-traffic consumer locations to grab everyone's attention and increase sales.  


Question #2.

Question #2. Could you describe your target market and how they have reacted to your display ads. Please elaborate.

Question #2. Background Information


Delivering the right message to the right market at the right time plays a critical role in the success of any advertising. As such, it's important to track consumer response and engagement to maximize results. 

Besides effectively delivering your marketing message, we help maximize the results you are already getting from your display ads. 


Question #3.

Question #3. Which high-traffic consumer venues do you think would be best to display your ads to attract your target audience and why? 

Big Box Retail Store Chains
Convenience Store Chains
Supermarket Chains
Fast Food Chains
Specialty Store Chains (Clothing, Automotive, Home)
Doctors Offices
Medical Clinic Offices and Waiting Rooms
Car Dealerships
Convention Centers
Indoor Sports Arenas And Venues

Question #3. Background Information.

Each of our Indoor Digital Signs Advertising Networks will be permanently stationed in pre-determined, high-traffic consumer venues to insure maximum exposure, minimum costs.  


Question #4.

If our demos get better results than what you're getting now, how would you implement a strategic plan to integrate our highly-effective, highly-responsive, cost-effective new Digital Signs Advertising Networks ad medium's ad space with your current mix of media buys, what would you do and how would you integrate our new ad space opportunities with your current advertising mix?

Question #4. Background Information

Our Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Advertising Networks will be utilized in multiple ways to get you the results you desperately want and need in today's cluttered traditional ad mediums market, delivering your important marketing message in high-traffic consumer locations. 


Question #5.

What is a new customer worth to your business over a one year period? Over a lifetime?

Question #5. Background Information

There are only 3 ways to increase sales. Sell more customers, sell more stuff to your customers, sell your customers more often.  Part of our services are to help determine the worth of a new customer over time, determined by what they buy, how often they buy, and how much they buy. With that in mind, what is a new customer worth to the business over a one year period, over a lifetime?  Guestimate if you're unsure.   


Question #6.

Question #6. What would you say are your most profitable products or services you sell, either a one time sale or as ongoing sales? Please elaborate.

Question #6. Background Information

 One of the best ways to get a high rate of return on your advertising dollar is to offer consumers your most profitable products and services, either via a one time sale or continuing sales of your varying products and services over time.  


Question #7.

What questions could we have asked that we didn't ask here?  

Question #7. Background Information

At the end of the day, it's all about helping you get better results. So, in order for us to best understand your current situation and to best help you achieve your goals and objectives, what questions could we have asked that we didn't ask here? 

Thanks for completing the Demo Request Questionnaire.

After reviewing your answers we will then call you to schedule a demo, let you decide how we will help you get better results. Questions? Call Client Support at (800) 868-7135 Ext. 800 or E-mail Client Support (Below)

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