Looking To Sell More, Faster, For Less Cost? Look In Stores. Discover How We Get You Better Results.

Here's How Our New Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Ad Networks Ad Space Gets Better Results.


CONNECTING THE DOTS IN RETAIL. We overcame the only retailer objections to indoor digital advertising: Retailer confusion as to (1) what to do, (2) how to do it, and (3) who's going to do it. We connected all the dots and handle all the details for the retailers and advertisers, placing and managing our exclusive Indoor Remotely-Managed Digital Signs Ad Networks and exclusive ad space in high-traffic retail locations anywhere in the world.


THE DETAILS. We will provide, place, and remotely-manage ad space on our exclusive digital signs in massive ad networks in high-traffic consumer stores, creating results-proven “Interactive Consumer-Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR” Marketing Campaigns to get better results for top-tier competing advertisers Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Progressive, Geico, AT&T, Verizon, Ford, Chevy, among others.


OUR STRATEGICALLY POSITIONED DIGITAL SIGNS. Strategically positioned at the point-of-sale, we will entertain, educate and engage consumers via our client's exclusive, advertising-effective ads on our digital signs ad space, getting potential customers to take action, directing them to our client's web sites, call centers, store locations and sales funnels.


TOP-TIER MARKETERS SPENDING MILLIONS ON ADS & AD SPACE ON TRADITIONAL MEDIA ARE GETTING DIMINISHED RETURNS AT HIGHER COSTS. We solved this problem. How? Our game-changing Indoor Digital Signs Ad Network's ad space cuts through the media's clutter and gets better results at lower costs.


OUR EXPERIENCE IN DIGITAL ADS. Our expertise in digital advertising is detailed in our White Paper Why In-Store Digital Advertisng Networks? Who Wins? The Store, Consumer, Or Advertiser? co-authored by Steven K. Platt, Director, Research Fellow at the Platt Retail Institute (PRI) and Research Director at the Retail Analytics Council and our CEO Ronnie Schmidt.


OUR WIN, WIN, WIN OPORTUNITY Our Digital Signs Ad Networks will enable retailers to win because we will provide consumers with an enhanced buying experience. Advertisers will win because we will deliver marketing messages that will get attention, create interest, desire and cause consumers to take action. Consumers will win because they will be getting marketing messages they actually want.

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