ABOUT US - It's Not About Us, It's About You!

"Founded in 1999, Worldwide Media Corporation's strategic mission has and always will be to get YOU the increased results YOU want and need." - Ronnie Schmidt, Founder, CEO.

"To improve your business performance, provide you with fresh, new, "results proven" innovative ideas, marketing strategies, selling systems solutions along with our exclusive ad mediums that cut through traditional media's clutter and get you more profitable business for less than traditional media's higher costs."

"To establish long term mutually beneficial relationships with you, our clients, putting you first, and doing whatever it takes to maximize your results as if your business was our own. It's not about us, it is all about you."- Ronnie Schmidt, Founder

#1 Best New Ad Mediums #1 Best Results #1 Best Investment

Since 1999, Worldwide Media Corporation has specialized in building innovative, unique advertising mediums and selling systems solutions for growth-obsessed businesses to get you better results at lower cost.

We overcame the only objections to aerial advertising and indoor digital advertising. We provide advertisers with exclusive ad space on our "results-proven" Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganzas Fleets and Indoor Digital Sign Advertising Networks.

THE NEXT BIG THINGS IN MOBILE MARKETING? Discover how we will easily get thousands in new business coming to you at the speed of light using Google’s new technology, our new Mobile Marketing Broadcasters and Exclusive Mobile Marketing Broadcast Services. Here’s how . . .

FACT: People are continually checking their cell phones so there is no better place than a consumer's smartphone to deliver your promotional messages and links that people will like getting and easily drive increased business to your business. We help you Entertain, Educate, Engage.

We help you create and test exclusive 40-character promotional messages with clickable links for anxious consumers. We help you determine when and where you want your promotional messages broadcast in our exclusive high-traffic consumer Mobile Marketing Broadcast Networks.

THE NEXT BIG THINGS IN INDOOR DIGITAL MARKETING? We overcame retailer objections to indoor digital marketing. Not knowing what to do, how to do it, who's going to do it. We handle the details, create winnning scenarios for advertisers, retailers, consumers with out Digital Signs Advertising Networks.

Our Remotely-Managed Digital Signs can be positioned virtually anywhere in high traffic indoor venues and will feature our exclusive Interactive Consumer-Friendlay Marketing WIth THE WOW FACTOR to grab consumer's eyeball and entertain, educate and engage consumers to get more business coming to you for less, fast.

Our exclusive Digital Signs can feature high-speed, full color digital printers to instantly create consumer takeaways as an additional means of interacting with anxious consumers in high-traffic consumer venues like big box stores, convenience stores, supermarkets and other high traffic consumer venues.

Our exclusive Digital Signs Advertising Networks can be remotely managed to that from one to thousands of signs can be pre-programmed to change content and consumer offerings from our central control system which makes it easy to manage content for our top-tier clients.

Our potential top-tier retailer client base has thousands of high-traffic consumer store locations in all parts of the U.S. and beyond our shores from convenience stores, big box retailers, supermarkets, and more, so our expected explosive growth opportunities are limitless.

THE NEXT BIG THINGS IN AERIAL ADVERTISING? Our Exclusive, Results-Proven Affordable Advertising Airships and Aerial Extravaganzas Fleets permanently stationed in the top 67 cities in the U.S. that will grab eyeballs to the delight of the crowd and get more business coming to our clients while we handle all of the details.

As you can see, we can make just about anything fly, from a can of Coors Beer to a bottle of Wayne Gretzky wine. We will also feature streaming video, special lighting effects, multiple flying objects and call to action banners driving consumers to web sites, call centers and store locations.

Our Affordable Advertising Airships Fleets and results-proven aerial marketing campaigns will be effective because we overcame the only objection to aerial advertising - cost. For an overview of the effectiveness of aerial marketing with an airship, get your copy of our White-Paper Case Study, Why Aerial Advertising?

THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN MARKETING? Aerial Advertising. Why? Because every major aerial campaign from Whitman's Chocolates to The Rolling Stones to Kraft has been successful, and the numbers prove it, because most can't remember the last radio, tv or print ad they saw or heard, but can remember the last airship they saw.

Want better sales results? Call Client Support (800) 717-4183 Ext. 100 or e-mail Support@WorldwideMediaCo.com and we will set up a convenient call to get to know you better and help you get the increased results you want and need. Guaranteed.