Worldwide Media Corporation specializes in building and managing innovative, results-proven advertising mediums and selling systems solutions like our Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Ad Networks for growth-obsessed businesses.


Our exclusive, new Remotely-Managed Indoor Digital Signs Advertising Networks can manage from one to thousands of signs, programmed to change your ad content and consumer ad offerings from our central control systems.


We overcame retail objections to indoor digital marketing - Not knowing what to do. How to do it. Who's going to do it. We will handle all the details, create winning scenarios for our advertisers, our retailers, and their consumers.


Our Remotely-Managed Digital Signs can be positioned anywhere in high traffic consumer venues that have a wifi connection and will feature our exclusive Consumer-Friendly Marketing With THE WOW FACTOR Marketing Campaigns.


Our exclusive Digital Signs feature high-speed, full color digital printers to create consumer promotional pieces as an additional means of interacting with anxious consumers in high-traffic big box stores, convenience stores, supermarkets and high traffic consumer venues.


Our smaller Affordable Advertising Airships Fleets get the same visual effect as their big brothers at 1/10th the cost, will cut through traditional media's clutter and deliver our advertiser's marketing message.


Our exclusive Aerial Extravaganzas Fleets include flying replicas of any product, like this bottle of Wayne Gretzky wine, We will stream video from our advertiser's flying objects down to and up from the ground.


Discover how we will get you what you really want - BETTER RESULTS FOR LOWER COSTS! We handle all the details for our advertisers and invite you to schedule a RISK-FREE DEMO.

Interested? For a copy of our Media Kits and Space Reservations Forms or to schedule a RISK-FREE DEMO, contact us (below) or call Client Support at (484) 237-1950

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Worldwide Media Corporation


"Worldwide Media Corporation's strategic mission has been and always will be to get YOU the increased results YOU want and need in today's highly competitive markets." - Ronnie Schmidt, Founder, CEO


"To improve your business performance, provide you with fresh, new, "results proven" innovative ideas, marketing strategies, selling systems solutions to get you more profitable business for less cost."


"To establish long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, putting you first and doing whatever it takes to maximize your results as if your business was ours. It's ALL about you." - Ronnie Schmidt, Founder, CEO