Investor Questionnaire (Download Document Below)

To: Prospective purchasers Series A Preferred Corporate Stock (“Stock”) offered by Worldwide Media.

The Purpose of this Questionnaire is to solicit certain information regarding your financial status.

And to determine whether you're an “Accredited Investor,” defined by federal, state securities laws.

And otherwise meet the suitability criteria established by the Company for purchasing stock.

This questionnaire is not an offer to sell securities.

Your answers will be kept confidential.

You agree, however, that this Questionnaire may be shown to persons the Company deems appropriate.

To determine your eligibility as an Accredited Investor or to ascertain your general suitability.

Download the Questionnaire below, answer all questions completely and execute the signature page.

Fax it to (800) 717-4183 or Email to Write "Investor" in Subject Line.

Investor Questionnaire Download

Worldwide Media Corporation - Investor Suitability Questionnaire (pdf)


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